55Grad® Smoking Bags (Tube 500x12)

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Tube 5 Meter x 12cm

1x VacAid

55Grad® Smoking Bag (Tube)

New and exclusive - the 55Grad® Smoking bag. This makes it possible for everyone to produce smoked salami, bacon or fillet without any risk. The unique material properties allow the penetration of smoke and the escape of liquid. At the same time, the meat is protected during the smoking process and the aging process.The hose has a length of 5 meters and a width of 12 cm. The hose can be cut as required. The bags are approved for heat up to 140 degrees, but we recommend 100 degrees as the maximum temperature.

Recipe Smoked pork fillet

Put the pork fillet in a 10% salt solution with a little sugar for 2 days. Then place in clean ice-cold water to wash the excess salt. Dry the meat and add spices as required. Now the meat must stay in the refrigerator for one day packed in the smoking bag. Then the cold smoking can start. Smoke the meat for 8 - 10 hours - depending on the taste, the process can be repeated again the next day.

Now place the meat in the refrigerator (2-4 degrees) and let it dry until the desired consistency is reached.

If the crust is too hard, place the meat in a vacuum bag for 3 days to soften the crust.