Foodsaver Instructions

1. Selection of suitable meat

The meat should weigh between 1 to 8 kilos depending on the size of your bag. The meat should be well marbled and should have a layer of fat. The meat should not be aged too long in the wet aging process. Fillet (Tenderloin) is only suitable for aging of one week; organic meat is not recommended. Please note that by dry-aging, weight loss of about 5 - 10% per week occurs. Further weight loss is caused by removing the dry outer layer of your beef.


2. Preparation

Portion the meat so that it fits easily into your bag. Do not wash off the blood since it is needed to connect to the bag material.


3. Filling the bag

Fill the bag with the meat. To ensure a perfect seal, no liquid should cover the area to be sealed.

Press out as much air as possible.



4. Customize the bag

Remove any excess material down to 8 cm.


5. Vacuum and seal with FoodSaver type

For this type of device, special bags are required which have an embossed structure through which the air can be sucked out. As 55Grad bags have no structure, we provide you with a trick.

After following steps 1 - 4, you should custom cut one of your embossed structure bags to a strip.



Put it into the opening of the bag and start the suction and sealing.




It is important that the bag has as much contact as possible with the meat.

For a secure seal, we recommend a second seal either above or below the first and without contact with the strip.


Place the meat on a metal rack in the fridge (note step 6!).


6.  Dry Aging

Place the meat on a bottom rack of the refrigerator. This is the coldest zone. The temperature should be 3 degrees Celsius. Make sure that air circulation is guaranteed and the bag is not in contact with other objects.

In the first 3-5 days, the material bonds with the meat surface. Depending on your taste, you can age your meat up to 28 days. For starters, we recommend a shorter maturity period (e.g. 2 weeks). Please observe the bag and avoid air pockets. An optimal result can only be guaranteed if no air enters.


7.  Trimming

After the desired aging, take the meat out of the refrigerator and remove the bag. The meat should be much darker than before and should have a hard crust. The odor should be pleasant. It is up to your taste whether or not you want to remove the crust which also can be done after grilling.