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With the Dry Aging Bags from 55Grad® you can creat the perfect dry aged steak!


The refinement of meat by maturation is a delicate process that will shrink the steak by up to 20%. Flavors are concentrated and complex biochemical processes take place. This causes a taste sensation that will overshadow everything you have tasted so far. The first bite seems as if you were eating the first steak of your life. Angel soft are all muscle fibers. Nutty, unfamiliar flavors unfold unexpectedly. A touch paradise from the nose to the palate.

With the membran bags by 55Grad you can now operate safely Dry aging in your refrigerator. Pack the meat in the bags, and let it ripen for 2-3 weeks or even longer in the refrigerator at about 3 ° Celsius. Grill or fry it and Voilá: The perfect Dry Aged Beef.

NEW! We have further developed the VacAid and offer the new material (5 yellow strips) free of charge with every order of a 5pcs Pack. This should allow for easy suction and vacuuming in almost all cases.




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dry aging roll
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