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Dry-Aging Bags

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55Grad® Dry Aging Bags

3 x Size M

1 x VacAid Pack

9.95 € *

on stock

5 x 55Grad® Dry Aging Bags

Size S (200x300mm)

1 x VacAid Pack (5 Stripes)

for 1 - 2 Kilo Beef portions

11.95 € *

on stock

5 pieces 55Grad® Dry Aging Bags

Size 250x550mm

1 x VacAid (5 Stripes)

for 2 - 5 Kilo Beef

15.95 € *

on stock

5 pieces 55Grad® Dry Aging Bags

Size 300x600mm

1 VacAid Pack (5 Stripes)

for 5 - 8 Kilo Beef

18.95 € *

on stock

4 x 55Grad® Dry Aging Bags

Size 400x700mm

1 x VacAid Pack (4 Strips)

for large pieces also with bones

23.95 € *

on stock

1 roll 55Grad® Dry Aging Bags

3 Meter (28cm x 3000cm)

1 VacAid Pack (5 Stripes)


18.95 € *

on stock

Vac-Aid - Your little helper for sealing the Dry Aging Bag

2.00 € *

on stock

* Prices include VAT, plus delivery


Why is the 55Grad Dry Aging bag so unique?

The material of the offered Dry Aging Bags is used for professional dry aging. The material gets sealed with professional sealing equipment. Since most households do not own such machines we developed some workarounds so that we can offer the bags to the private customer.
The 55Grad Dry Age Bag method has been scientifically tested and proven. Due to the material attributes of the bag, liquid/vapor is transported to the outside while infiltration of air, bacteria and odors from the outside is being prevented. Nevertheless the needed oxygen that is needed for dry aging (aerobic aging) can pass the membran to assure the unique dry aging taste. This ensures optimal hygienic conditions for the meat (please note the instructions), and you can use any no-frost refrigerator.


For professional dry aging companies we offer bigger sizes 40x50cm and 40x70cm. Bulk pricing on request.